About Us

Vision and Mission Statement

It's my goal that Rising Sun Missionary Baptist Church be a place where the hurting, the depressed, the frustrated, and the confused can find love, acceptance, help, hope, forgiveness, guidance and encouragement through the word of God.

A place where heartfelt praise and worship reaches Heaven shifts the atmosphere and changes souls. A worship that mends, that delivers, that heals, and sets free.

A place where there are no limits to reaching a sinner, no limits in exalting Christ through song, praise and testimony. No limits in creating disciples to carry out the spirit of God's word.

A place where the altar is constantly filled with repentant sinners, wanting a personal relationship with God, through the remission of their sins, and the Saints of God humble themselves as they seek divine guidance from the Holy Spirit.

A place that visits the sick, ministers to the shut-in, clothed the naked, feed the hungry, strengthen the weak, and embrace those that are lost.

The church that I see, has a message so strong and clear that lives are changed forever, where the Saints of God are truly not ashamed to know and tell about that one day when that met a man named Jesus.

The church that I see, will spread the word of God from the highest mountain to the deepest valley, in the hedges and the highways, for this is what God commanded us to do.

The church that I see is so dependent on the Holy Spirit, that nothing will stop it progress, nor stand against it. A church whose people are unified, praying and working for the up building of God's kingdom, and full of God's Spirit.

I see a church where fellowship is a way of life, inside and outside the four walls, and love is the one thing that binds us together.

I see a church that is headed by Jesus, whose help is the Holy Spirit, and whose focus is the Great Commission.

Yes, the church I see, is not my church, but our church, and at our church, the Rising Sun Missionary Baptist Church, Everybody is Somebody.

Pastor Kevin L. Kernodle Sr.